They are young, pretty, breaking with any form of authority. They have a lot of things to hate and are desperate for something to believe in. One day they meet a man. A certain Charlie. Then…. The Girls, a fashion movie by The Cube based on the novel by Emma Cline (Sonoma, 1989), one of the literary cases of the year she describes. the bad generation of the 60-70s

Photo and Video  by MANUELA KALI @manuelakali

Styling | PIA JOHANSSON @pia_joha

Make Up |LAURA RANDAZZO @laurarandazzo.mua

Hairstyle | ROSARIO GUALTIERI @iamrosariogualtieri , using Federico Feragalli products 

Production |MATTEO BANCHI @matteobanchi

Models | BRYNA LYON @brynalyon  -@abcmodelsmilan_official

LINNEA NILSSON @linnea_nilsson1 -@abcmodelsmilan_official

LORENA  CORTIJO  @lorenaadiias @whynotmodels

SVEN HAAG @svencanfly @majormodelsmilano