-Dream of a summer day –

Photography by MANUELA KALÌ @manuelakali

Styling JHASMIN MAIARA LEITE DE MELO @lattemiele_ o @_ymlm_

Make Up & Hair style ROSARIO GUALTIERI @iamrosariogualtieri –

Using Federico Faragalli Products

Model ANDREA V – MAJOR Models


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“A Summer Day’s Dream” is an excerpt from the book “Stories and Ghosts of Japan”

Illustrations by Benjamin Lacombe

text by Lafcadio Hram

Published by Edizioni Ippocampo

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One thousand four hundred and sixteen years ago the young fisherman Urashima Taró reached the coast of Suminoyè on his boat…

After waiting for a long time, Urashima took something and drew it to himself. But he noticed that it was just a tortoise. Now, the tortoise is sacred to the Sea Dragon God and the life expectancy is of thousand – some say ten thousand – years. Killing it is extremely reprehensible. With delicacy, the young man detached the animal from the fishing line and let it go, with a prayer to the gods.

But he didn’t capture anything else. And the day was very hot; also the sea and the sky and everything else were immersed in silence. And he took a great numbness, and fell asleep on the boat of drift.

Then out of the dreaming of the sea emerged a beautiful young lady…

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“Don’t be surprised. My father, the Sea Dragon King, sent me to you because of your good heart. You did, in fact, release a tortoise today. And now we will go to my father’s direction on the island where the summer never dies; and if you want, I will be your flower-bride; and there we will live happily ever after”.

They rowed away light and swift on the silent blue waters southward, until they reached the island where summer never dies and the palace of the Sea Dragon King.


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Duster coat| Angelos Frentzos

Trousers| Edith Marcel

t-shirt | Edith Marcel

There, strange servants came to receive them in ceremonial dress: creatures of the Sea who observed Urashima as the son-in-law of the dragon king. Thus the daughter of the Sea God became the bride of Urashima; and it was a marriage of wondrous splendor; and in the Dragon Palace there was immense exultation.

And every day was for Urashima a source of new wonders and new pleasures: wonders of the deepest depths brought back by the bondage of the ocean God- pleasure of that enchanted country where summer never dies. And so three years passed.

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­­But despite all that, the young fisherman felt a burden on his heart at the thought of his parents waiting for him alone. So he finally begged his wife to let him go home, just for a little while. He needed some time to say a word to his father and mother- and afterward he would run back to her. At those words she began to cry; and for a long time she continued to cry in silence.

Then she said, “Because you desire it, you have to go. I am very afraid of this journey, I fear that we will never see each other again. But I’ll give you a can to take with you. If you do as I say, it will help you get back to me. Don’t open it. Whatever happens, don’t open it! Because if you ever open it, you’ll never be able to come back, and you’ll never see me again”. Then he gave him a lacquered box, tightened by a silk cord.

But Urashima comfort the bride and promised her that he would never, ever open the box: he would never even untie the silk lace.

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Shirt |Miaoran

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He finally slipped back towards the native bay; he went back to the beach. But as he looked around, he felt disoriented- and doubtful. Because the place was the same and yet, at the same time, no longer the same. The father’s house disappeared. There was a village; but the shape of the houses was strange, the trees, and even the faces of the people were strange.

A very old man approached him, leaning on a stick, and Urashima asked him the way to the house of Urashima’s family. But the old man seemed startled and made him repeat the question many times, then exclaimed:

“Urashima Tarò! Where have you lived not to know that story? Urashima Tarò! But how, it’s more than four hundred years since he drowned and to his memory a monument has been built in the cemetery, the old cemetery now in disuse. Urashima Tarò! How can you be so foolish to ask where his house is?”.

Dress| Gilberto Calzolari

Then he recognized himself as a victim of a strange illusion and took up the road of the beach, always holding the box, the gift of the daughter of the Sea God. But what illusion was that?

And what could be in the box? Could it be that the cause of illusion was what was in the box? Doubt overcame confidence. He recklessly broke his promise to the army; he untied the silk cord; he opened the box!

And Urashima then understood that he destroyed their own happiness: he would never again return to his beloved, the daughter of the Ocean King. And out of desperation he surrendered to tears and heartbreaking laments.

But it only lasted a moment. Immediately after, he had changed. An icy shiver ran through his veins; his teeth fell; his face became wrinkled; his hair whitened like snow; his limbs withered; his strength waned; and he collapsed lifeless on the sand, crushed by the weight of four hundred winters.

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Dress |Davii

Bijoux ( bracelet –

necklace-earrings ) | Demaldè


In the official years of the emperors it is written that “in the 21st year of the Mikado Yuriaku, the young Urashima of Midzunoyé of the Yosa district, in the province of Tango, a descendant of the deity Shimanemi, went to Elysion (Horai) on a fishing boat”.

After that we know nothing more about Urashima during the reign of thirty-one emperors and empresses, that is, from the fifth to the ninth century. Then the annals announced that “in the second year of Tenchiyò, during the reign of the Mikado

Go_Junwa, the young Urashima returned, to leave soon, nobody knows for where”