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Literature, in all its forms, enhances [ human experience and its ability to navigate in the depth of a knowledge, increasingly extended and interconnected with our feelings, hidden from others even in the new digital world, in which we move more and more often.
Actions and thoughts move in a fluid, ideological and collaborative way, but above all they are inclusive and sustainable, with the aim of creating a fil rouge with a reading whose feelings turn into curiosity for the world of which we are part.
This is why the reward of this work is the birth of future scenarios to be discovered, where literature becomes the pivot of a refined lifestyle and the need for a thinking society.
An approach that involves fashion, but also the new way of traveling, and appropriating spaces dedicated to themselves, which focus on choosing one beauty product over another.
It is a way of regaining the magic of our life, enhanced by a tool such as literature, which reconstructs the pillars of society with a positive result in looking to the future.
“The time to read, as the time to love, dilates the time to live”
(Daniel Pennac)
The reading can keep us in suspense or move us and flow into tears, catapults us in
another dimension, in a state where it seems that real time remains suspended, while the pages of a book flow smoothly and consistently.  It is like a meeting between two people where a feeling, a chemistry or even a love can be born that, in this case, takes shape between the reader and the pages of a book.
For this to happen we are not the ones to decide what the right parameters are; simply, everything emerges, with merits and defects, slowly, as we proceed in the reading. A bit like in life, there is no one who can decide for us who or what to love, but it simply happens.